Angry Assignments

Here’s a list of Angry Assignments we use for progression.

Feel free to use these as a template for your own teams!

Tomb Of Sargeras

If you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!



{boss 1862}
|cred=== {bl} Lust On Pull ===
|corangeFight Type:|r Single Target

Hide behind {icon 233021}{spell 233021} (pillars) for {icon 233062}{spell 233062}

{tank} Tank boss away from pillars
{tank} {icon 231363}{spell 231363} will destroy spikes
– |cyellow(N: 10 yard range H: 25 yard range).
{tank} Tank swap on |corangeMelted Armor|r and move away with debuff

{dps}+{healer} Ranged stay |cyellowloosely|r stacked in the center of the room for spikes.
{dps}+{healer} Aim {icon 233279}{spell 233279} (giant arrow) so it hits spikes to reduce the damage it does. (preferably 2 spikes)
{dps}+{healer} Don’t destroy spikes if you’re targeted by {icon 230345}{spell 230345} (circle around you).
{dps}+{healer} Green swirls appear under 3 players, spikes will form at these locations.

|corangeA quarter of the room is coated in fire|r (bubbling in a corner of the room means this sections is about to be covered in fire), ranged split in to 4 groups and spread between 4 sections ( {star} {circle} {x} {moon} ) for pillars.

Demonic Inquisition

Demonic Inquisition

{boss 1867}
|cred=== {bl} Lust On Pull ===
|corangeFight Type:|r Single/Cleave

{tank} Only 1 tank should {icon 233652} |cblueConfess|r at a time
{tank} Ignore aggro on |cyellowBelac|r as it can’t be tanked or moved.
{tank} Tank |cyellowAtrigan|r next to |cyellowBelac|r for cleave, move away during their specials.
{tank} Keep |cyellowAtrigan|r faced |corangeaway|r from raid for {icon 233426} {spell 233426}

{dps} |corangeMove away|r from others when you have {icon 233983} {spell 233983} (circle around you)
{dps} Interupt {icon 239401} {spell 239401}
{dps} Melee move away from |cyellowBelac|r at around 90% energy.

{healer} Stagger dispells for {icon 233983} {spell 233983} to control {icon 239358} {spell 239358} damage

Keep spread out
{icon 233652} |cblueConfess|r (Extra action button) at around 80-90% {icon 233104} {spell 233104} and collect orbs to empty your bar. |credDON’T WAIT FOR 100% TORMENT!
Don’t attack |cyellowAtrigan|r/|cyellowBelac|r during their:
{icon 233441} {spell 233441}/{icon 235230} {spell 235230}
If targeted by {icon 233431} {spell 233431}, aim it away from everyone.

|corangeInterrupt Rotation:|r Noz > Tuff > Isen
|corangeBackup:|r Zag > Bachus > Sera



{boss 1856}
|cred=== {bl} Lust On Pull ===
|corangeFight Type:|r AoE

{tank} Keep stacks of {icon 231998} {spell 231998} low (4-5 stacks)
{tank} Grab adds as they spawn and stack on boss.
{tank} Turn boss towards the raid just before it reaches 100 energy for {icon 231854} {spell 231854}

{healer} Raid wide healing for {icon 231854} {spell 231854} and {icon 232174} {spell 232174}
{healer} {icon 232061} {spell 232061} does more damage as the fight progresses, save cooldowns for later.

{dps} Avoid all the bad when the boss casts {icon 232061} {spell 232061}
{dps} Add priority: |corangeWavebender|r > |cyellowGladiator|r > Boss

Dodge {icon 233526} {spell 233526} (swirls)
Hug edges of room during {icon 233429} {spell 233429} (when the boss glows blue) and avoid the bad.
Interupt wavemenders
Don’t run away if fixated by Gladiators, just stack and try facing them away from raid during {icon 234128} {spell 234128}

Mistress Sassz'ine

Mistress Sassz'ine

{boss 1861}
|cred=== {bl} Lust On Pull ===
|credSave lust for Phase 3 on Heroic
|corangeFight Type:|r AoE

{tank} Use Mitigation while you have {icon 230201} {spell 230201}, swap when it’s applied to the other tank.
{tank} Tank adds next to boss
{tank} |credDO NOT SOAK|r {icon 230139} {spell 230139} while you have debuff.

{dps} Kill |cblueAbyss Stalkers|r to spawn puddles that create openings between the tornados.
{dps} Interrupt/Stun |cblueAbyss Stalkers|r to keep them from jumping over the room.

{healer} Players with {icon 230384} {spell 230384} take a bunch of damage over time
{healer} {icon 230384} {spell 230384} can not be removed in Phase 3 so make sure you have CD’s

Stand behind {icon 230959} {spell 230959} to dodge {icon 232722} {spell 232722}
Take {icon 232913} {spell 232913} (purple puddles) to the whale when he opens {icon 234621} {spell 234621} (AVOID THE INNER CIRCLE!)
Marked players spread in a T shape for {icon 230139} {spell 230139}, other players help soak marked targets.
If you have a murloc on your back, get hit by the jellyfish AOE, otherwise avoid the jellyfish.

Sisters of the Moon

Sisters of the Moon

{boss 1903}
|cred=== {bl} Lust On Pull ===
|corangeFight Type:|r Single Target

{tank} Stack to split Glaive damage.
{tank} Move to other side of moon do drop Moon Glaive debuff
{tank} Don’t take too many stacks of {icon 239264} {spell 239264}

{dps} Focus down Moontalon ()
{dps} Try keep cooldowns for when it is at around 30% HP.
{dps} Heroic: {icon 233263} {spell 233263} needs to be destroyed ASAP

{healer} Focus heal players with {icon 236603} {spell 236603}
{healer} Need to heal off the absorb shield from everyone during Embrace of The Eclipse
{healer} Make sure you have a CD for when Font of Elune is empowered (Full moon).

|credCD Rotation:
1 – Butter / Szu
2 – Lok / Kry

Dodge Glaive from Huntress
Drop your debuff stacks periodically by moving to other side of the moon
Move to other side of moon if you get {icon 236519} {spell 236519}
Move to light side of moon if targeted by {icon 236603} {spell 236603}

Make sure you take Lunar Beacon to the edges of the room, this ticks THREE times on heroic leaving a big circle each time!

The Desolate Host

The Desolate Host

{boss 1896}
|cred=== {bl} Lust At 30% ===
|corangeFight Type:|r Mixed

|cpurpleSPIRIT REALM|r – |cgreen(Group 1+2)
{tank} Mitigate {icon 236340} {spell 236340}
{dps} Don’t stand in the {icon 236241} {spell 236241} that is left behind by |cblueSoul Residue|r adds
{dps} Don’t stand near |cblueSoul Residue|r when it dies
{dps} {icon 236515} {spell 236515} = move to Corp realm adds to remove {icon 236513} {spell 236513}
{dps} Interupt {icon 236515} {spell 236515} when adds don’t have {icon 236513} {spell 236513}
Players with {icon 236135} {spell 236135} should leave the realm during {icon 236072} {spell 236072}

|cpurpleCORPOREAL REALM|r – |cgreen(Group 3+4)
{tank} Mitigate {icon 236142} {spell 236142} + face away from raid
{dps} Keep {icon 235907} {spell 235907} to the edges
{dps} Ranged keep spread
{healer} People will need lots of healing during {icon 236072} {spell 236072}

Aim {icon 235989} {spell 235989} to edge of the room and not towards spirit realm

{dps} |corangeAdds are priority – Make sure they’re dead before phasing!
{healer} Dispell {icon 236361} {spell 236361} when possible

{icon 236449} {spell 236449} = Quickly meet up at {diamond} marker to remove it then move away.
|corangePhase 2:
{icon 236544} {spell 236544}/{icon 236542} {spell 236542}
|credSTACK IN|r for circle, |credMOVE OUT|r for swirl

|corangeStay away from players in opposite realm.
|corangeMOVE AWAY from everyone if you get {icon 235933} {spell 235933}

Maiden of Vigilance

Maiden of Vigilance

{boss 1897}
|cred=== {bl} Lust On Pull OR At Phase 2 ===
|corangeFight Type:|r Single Target

{tank} Taunt after each hammer (Light Hammer is always first)

{dps} Quickly break {icon 236069} {spell 236069} and interrupt {icon 234891} {spell 234891}.

{healer} Damage from {icon 234891} {spell 234891} increases with each wave.

Jump into the pit when {icon 235117} {spell 235117} (Bomb Icon) is about to expire.
Don’t stand near people with opposite infusion.
Collect orbs that mach your infusion during Watchers Wrath
STACK TOGETHER while collecting orbs
Your infusion color may change throughout the fight. Keep an eye on it and swap sides accordingly.

Hammers will leave pools on the ground, avoid the bad!
Dodge the bad after each hammer!

Fallen Avatar

Fallen Avatar

{boss 1873}
|cred=== {bl} Lust OnPull ===
|corangeFight Type:|r Single Target

{tank} Tank swap on 2-3 stacks of {icon 236494} {spell 236494}
{tank} Tank Maiden on active pylon

{dps} Focus Avatar unless Maiden is casting {icon 233856} {spell 233856}, then blow her up.
{dps} Kill Maiden just before Avatar reaches full energy

{healer} Heal stuffs

Help soak {icon 239739} {spell 239739} (3+ people / save immunites for 3rd set onwards if possible)
Avoid {icon 234059} {spell 234059} (green swirls) and the targets of {icon 236604} {spell 236604} (purple blades)
Move away from the boss for {icon 239132} {spell 239132}

Help soak {icon 239058} {spell 239058} (purple circles)



{boss 1898}
|cred=== {bl} Lust At Start Of Phase 2 ===
|corangeFight Type:|r Single Target

{tank} Swap after {spell 239932} (3-5 Stacks)
– |cred This cleaves so don’t stack

{dps} Kill |corangeALL|r the things
{dps} Interupt {spell 236597}

{healer} Heal |cyellowHopeless Reflection|r to reduce {spell 237725}

|cyellowShadow Reflections|r (Player grows large) stack on boss and burn them down!
During {spell 238999} move to rifts
|cyellowSoak small swirls|r, leave the larger ones for tank/immunity class
Help soak the player targeted by |cyellowFocused Dreadflame|r (Stand in between boss and target)
Keep close to the center with your back to one of the corners for |cyellowSingularity|r (similar to Guldan fel bonds knockback)

|credSoak Rotation:|r Bachus > Scorp > Isen > Sera (CALL IT OUT!)

|cyellowKite fire orbs|r to Rifts
|corangeObelisks are bad|r, dodge the bad

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