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Angry Assignments

Battle of Dazar’alor

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BFA – BoD Angry Assignments Update 5

January 19th, 2019|

Finished up Conclave

Updated Champion of the Light

Updated Opulence (This is now 2 seperate AA’s, one for description of what each jewel does and one for the boss mechanics)


TL;DR Version

Too much info in these ones?
Try the TL;DR ones instead! (Not finished yet)

Boss Order

  • 1st Boss – Champion of the Light
    • Frida Ironbellows
    • Ra’wani Kanae
  • 2nd Boss
    • Grong, the Jungle Lord
    • Jadefire Masters – Grimfang and Firecaller
  • 3rd Boss
    •  Jadefire Masters – Flamefist and the Illuminated
    • Grong the Revenant
  • Alliance Flashback (Horde become Alliance with Alliance Racials*)
    • 4th Boss –  Opulence Treasure Guardian
    • 5th Boss –  Conclave of the Chosen
    • 6th Boss –  King Rastakhan
  • Horde Flashback (Alliance become Horde with Horde Racials*)
    • 7th Boss –  High Tinker Mekkatorque
    • 8th Boss –  Stormwall Blockade
    • 9th Boss –  Jaina Proudmoore

*Racial transformations at the bottom of the page

Video Guides

PTR footage so may differ on live servers. Will update the playlist once things are on Live

Detailed Guides

Limit Guide
(This one is actually amazing, made by someone partnered with Limit, one of the top guilds in the world!)

Champion of the Light

Champion of the Light


{boss 2333}
(H: Frida Ironbellows | A: Ra’wani Kanae)
|cred=== {bl} Lust: 30%|r (@ {icon 282113}{spell 282113}) |cred===
|cblueFight Type:|r Mixed ST and AoE
(Can tunnel boss if raid has high ST damage)
{skull} = Heroic Only

|cpink— GENERAL —
{tank} Keep adds 25+ yards away from boss, preferably in a corner with an assignmed marker to keep waves path consistent
{tank} Drop {icon 283572}{spell 283572} stacks by taunt swapping or just moving away during a long cast
{tank} Keep adds out of {icon 283579}{spell 283579} in |cpinkP2|r
{tank} Try to not let adds be hit by {spell 283587} if possible
{healer} Be ready for increased damage at 30% for {icon 282113}{spell 282113} & at high {icon 284459}{spell 284459} stacks
Don’t stand between boss and adds to avoid {icon 283587}{spell 283587}
|credInterrupt {icon 283628}{spell 283628} / {icon 284578}{spell 284578} on adds!!!
{spell 283587} adds HoT to mobs hit, dispell ASAP
Turn away from Crusaders {icon 283650}{spell 283650} (Fear)

|cpink— PHASE 1: {icon 284469}{spell 284469} |cpink—
|credDON’T ATTACK ADDS|r Attack boss
(Keep up interrupts on adds though)

|cpink— PHASE 2: {icon 284436}{spell 284436} |cpink—
|credDON’T ATTACK BOSS|r Kill adds
{healer} CD’s for {icon 284474}{spell 284474}
(ESPECIALLY DURING {icon 282113}{spell 282113}!)

{skull} Nothing really changes except an add getting {icon 288292}{spell 288292}, more an annoyance than anything




{boss 2325}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: 40% ===
|cblueFight Type:|r Mostly Single Target
{skull} = Heroic Only
NOTE: These are Horde based spell names, see wowhead for the alliance versions

|corange— Role Specific —
{tank} Taunt during {spell 282082}
– |cred2|r {spell 283078} in a row = 1 shot ({icon 285671}{spell 285671})
– |cred3|r {spell 285875} in a row = dead
{tank} Try to keep Grong 15+ yards away from {icon 285654}{spell 285654}
{healer} Pay attention to bosses rage for {icon 281936}{spell 281936}, every 25% = 1 {icon 281936}{spell 281936}, each cast hurts more than the last due to stacking debuff
{healer} Be prepared to have a CD rotation in case {icon 281936}{spell 281936} is triggered at 75+ rage
{dps} MDPS try to spread as much as possible for {icon 282179}{spell 282179}

|corange— General —
@ 70 & 40%, Grong rage gen speed increases
Interrupt all {icon 282243}{spell 282243} casts and kill the Apetagonizer 3000 ASAP
Pick up the {icon 285658}{spell 285658} and use it to trigger {icon 281936}{spell 281936} (Above |cgreen50|r / below |corange75|r rage)
Spread for {icon 282215}{spell 282215}
Move away from {icon 282181}{spell 282181} zones

{skull} {icon 290574}{spell 290574} every ~20 seconds. Form small groups / find a buddy to stack with to prevent fear
{skull} Move as far from the raid group as possible with {icon 289292}{spell 289292}. Wait with tank until stun ends in case of fear

Jadefire Masters

Jadefire Masters


{boss 2341}
(H: Flamefist/Illuminated | A: Grimfang/Firecaller)
|cred=== {bl} Lust: On Pull or 100 Power ===
|cblueFight Type:|r 2 Target Multi Dot

{tank} {spell 284028} teleports you & spawns 3 monks that charge at you in order of spawn, take each charge to the face to mitigate (no, literally, face the mob to mitigate charge dmg)
{tank} Swap on {spell 288151} debuff (from {spell 284028})
{tank} Get back in range of the monk to stop {spell 286436} (or a {dps} with high mobility)
{tank} Try to keep {spell 282037} stacks low (~4 or so) to reduce damage of {spell 282041} (Raid-wide dmg)
{healer} Tanks can’t be healed during {spell 284028}
{healer} Dispel the {spell 286988} with the lowest duration first, don’t let it expire naturally (more raid wide damage from {spell 284399})
{dps} Focus dps on monk but try to keep both HP pools around the same % because of {spell 286487}
{dps} Burst down {spell 286425} so {spell 286379} can be kicked

|[email protected] Energy:
Multiple Living Bombs spawn
Stack on 1 bomb, dodge beam, kill bomb, repeat
|[email protected] Energy:
Move through ring maze, avoid fire swirlies, nuke Ice Barrier
|[email protected] Energy:
|cyellowMage|r: Raidwide ticking dmg ([Blazing Phoenix])
|cyellowMonk|r: Dodge [Dragon’s Breath]

{skull} Spirit of Xuen add, Kite if fixated (stay 5 yards away from others), focus dps/slow/stun etc
{skull} {spell 284374} – Red circles, can be cleared with cloak/turtle, else a slow fall/levitate/fall damage mitigation tricks to clear poorly placed traps (once per person due to debuff)
{skull} {spell 284028} = 4 visions up from 3
{skull} Try to collect {spell 287747}s in ring maze and use ability on barrier

(A) Opulence

(A) Opulence


This is 2 angry assignments, first part is just Jewel explanations. Probably a good idea to set player names in Jewel Assignments

{boss 2342}

|corangeZandalari Crown Jewel Effects:
{tank}{spell 284527} Absorbs 50% of all incoming damage up to 300% of max HP. 30 second recharge
{healer}{spell 284567} Heals grant tailwinds, increasing damage done by players
{healer}{spell 284558} Increase haste by 50%, heals reduce targets shadow damage taken by 90% for 1 min
{dps}{spell 284611} Adds stacking increased damage taken to target (preferably fast hitting mdps)
{dps}{spell 284645} 100% crit to nearby players at 100 stacks, must stay spread while gaining stacks (handful of rdps should grab this)
{dps}{spell 284814} While standing still, gain stacking buff of 1% increased damage done per stack, drops quickly while moving (great for heavy single target bursters)
{dps}{spell 284881}Each mob you hit grants a stacking buff of increased damage dealt by 2% per stack (great for multi dot / cleave classes)

{boss 2342}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: ~2:40 after engaging big boss ===
|cblueFight Type:|r
{skull} = Heroic Only

Split raid into 2 groups to fight through hallways and loot a Jewel good for your class/role/spec

|corange— JEWEL Assignments —
{tank} Always get diamond
|cff9966ccAmethyst|r: 2x {healer} (one per side) grab this (Druids are great)
|cff0869deSapphire|r: Remaining healers
|cffE0115FRuby|r: 1 RDPS / 1 RDPS per side
|cffffc87cTopaz|r: 2 RDPS
|cffa8c3bcOpal|r: Heavy AoE classes
|cff50c878Emerald|r: All other DPS

|cpink— PHASE 1 —
{dps} Make sure both adds are dead before phase 2! (100% increased dmg & HP on boss otherwise)
{healer} People dropping below 50% with {spell 284493} is good for a stat boost but don’t go out of your way to let it happen
{skull}{healer} Overload (once adds are killed) will need some extra healing

|corangeMechanics for both |cyellowConstructs|r:
{spell 283604}: Raises one arm and slams that side
– Stack behind Construct & move to opposite side
Dodge {spell 285479}, Kite {spell 284081} in a small circle
|credSAVE DPS CDs|r for {spell 284493} room

|cyellowLEFT GROUP|r:
{spell 283507}: Drop off at edge of room
|cyellowRIGHT GROUP|r:
{spell 282939}: Rotate clockwise around Construct to dodge

|cpink— PHASE 2 —
{tank} Make sure people have room to dodge {spell 283604}
{tank} Swap on {spell 284546}
{healer} Dispel {spell 284470} (damage taken while moving), preferably before people need to move
{dps} Kill Spirits ASAP before {spell 286040} overpowers the raid

{skull}{tank} Mitigation for {spell 287037}
{skull}Stack with others to split damage of {spell 285014}

(A) Conclave of the Chosen

(A) Conclave of the Chosen


{boss 2330}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: 3rd Aspect ===
|cblueFight Type:|r Single Target (Multi-Dot is pointless)
{skull} = Heroic Only

|credKILL ORDER: |cyellowPa’ku|r -> |cyellowGonk|r -> |cyellowKimbul|r -> |cyellowAkunda|r
(Got more than 1 mage? |cyellowGonk|r -> |cyellowKimbul|r -> |cyellowPa’ku|r -> |cyellowAkunda|r, let them be happy with spellstealing)

|cpink— GENERAL (All Fight) —
{tank} Tank apart so they don’t get {spell 282079} buff
{healer}{skull} CD for each Loa death ({spell 286060})
|cffff9933RUN|r to wind circle for {spell 282107}
|cffff9933STUN / SLOW|r & kill Raptors ({spell 282155})
{skull} Keep them separated, or they become |corangeIMMUNE TO CC & WILL SPRINT.|r
{skull} |cyellowKrag’wa|r jumps @ furthest target ({spell 282636})|cffff9933 GET OUT|r of circle
|cpink— Starting from when Kimbul spawns —
|cffff9933GTFO|r of raid with {spell 282447}
{healer} Lots of damage from {spell 282447} and the bleed it leaves
|cpink— Starting from when Akunda spawns —
|corangeGTFO|r of raid with {spell 286811} & dodge orbs

|cyellow- Pa’ku’s Aspect –
|cffff9933SPELLSTEAL/PURGE|r {spell 282098} ASAP
{tank} |cffff9933TAUNT|r Pa’ku for |cgreen1|r hit to drop {spell 285945}
|cyellow- Gonk’s Aspect –
|cffff9933GTFO|r with {spell 282135}
– {healer} |credDON’T DISPEL|r until target is clear of group
{tank} |cffff9933DEFENSIVE|r on [Wild Maul] (Raptor form)
– {dps} Don’t be in front of Gonk
|cyellow- Kimbul’s Aspect –
{tank} Swap on {spell 282444}
|cyellow- Akunda’s Aspect –
|cffff9933GTFO|r of circle for {spell 282411}
{healer} Dispell {spell 285878} ASAP

(A) King Rastakhan

(A) King Rastakhan


{boss 2335}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: Phase 3 (60%) ===
|cblueFight Type:|r
{skull} = Heroic Only

{healer} Try to not heal players with {spell 285213}
{healer} Focus heals on people with {spell 286779}
{healer} {skull} Focus heals on people with {spell 284781} (heal above 90% HP to remove this dot)
Don’t stand in poison left by {spell 284933}

|cpink— PHASE 1 —
{tank} Tank boss on the other end of the room
{tank} Swap for {spell 289858} (500% increased damage from following leaps and this stacks too)
Stay spread & kite {spell 284676} beam
Probably want to stack for {spell 284688} to split damage unless you have an immunity

|cpink— PHASE 2 —|r (Stay 30+ yards from |cblueBwom|r)
{spell 285349} = spread at least 7 yards
Kill {spell 285003} ASAP (MC) then |cblueRastakhan|r
Use personals for {spell 285213}. These targets will be |credunhealable|r
|cffff9933DROP|r {spell 288449} rifts off near |cblueBwomsamdi|r
|cyellow{tank}|r |cffff9933Swap|r on {spell 284846}

G3+G4 (Death Realm group) |credRUN TO |cblueBwom|r |[email protected]~63%!
(Even split of healers/most DPS but NOT a tank to the Death Realm)

|cpink— PHASE 3 (60%) —
{skull} If you get {spell 286779}, interrupt this |cyellowYOURSELF|r, nobody else is able interrupt it
Dodge black circles ({spell 287147})
|credDeath Realm players:
{spell 284446} |cffff9933{bl} LUST and BURN|r the shit out of |cblueBwomsamdi|r to |cgreen50%|r ASAP
Clear stacks @|cgreen10|r stacks in the portals
Run out of {spell 287333}. It will pull you in & fuck your day up instantly
|credLiving Realm players:
Soak {spell 286671} circles
{tank} Seperate Phantom of Rage ({spell )
Don’t kill adds (Will kill in |cpinkP4|r).
|credKILL {spell 285003}

|cpink— PHASE 4 (50%) —
Kill any adds that are alive
GTFO for {spell 287333} & avoid {spell 288048}s

(H) High Tinker Mekkatorque

(H) High Tinker Mekkatorque


{boss 2334}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: Phase 3 ===
|cblueFight Type:|r
{skull} = Heroic Only

{tank} Swap to reset {spell 289699} (on 8-10 stacks-ish)
{healer} Save some CD’s for |corangeP3|r due to {spell 286051}
Avoid {spell 284214}ing {spell 284168}en players
– {spell 284214} will stun and easily kill {spell 284168}en players
Only {spell 284168}en players can deal with Spark Bots
– Shutdown codes appear above the Spark Bots head. Unable to see your own code though
– Action bar is replaced with 5 different buttons that correspond to the shutdown codes ({cross}{diamond}{triangle}{star}{square})
– Bots can be slowed/affected by most CC’s

|cpink— PHASE 1 —
Dodge {spell 282182} (High nature damage, applies a DoT & reduces haste by 100%)
{spell 284145} marks a circle around a player and the boss. GTFO of both circles.
{spell 286646} will be cast on 3 random players. GTFO and LoS raid/other gigavolt players using the rubble in corners

|cpink— PHASE 2 (40%) —
Dodge the bad
Avoid the {spell 287877} dodge {spell 287891} from the {spell 287929}. Be careful of {spell 284168}en players, if any

|cpink— PHASE 3 (When he lands from P2)—
Same as |cpinkP1|r but more damage from {spell 286051}
{tank} Swap more often due to higher attack speed
{healer} Rotate CD’s to keep raid topped up

{skull} Spark Bots have 45 seconds to shutdown instead of 60
– Spark Bots gain stacking speed/haste buff ({spell 287293}), 5 stacks reduces CC effectiveness
{skull}{spell 287952} = Mass teleport to a player. Stand near center of room, out of fires
– Let {spell 284168}en players run back out first
– Also be careful of {spell 286646}, you want to move to your rubble pile to LoS raid ASAP

(H) Stormwall Blockade

(H) Stormwall Blockade


{boss 2337}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: Phase 2? ===
|cblueFight Type:|r Primarily Single Target
{skull} = Heroic Only

Split raid evenly in 2 groups, 1 for each ship
Bosses need to die roughly the same time

|corange— PHASE 1 —
– Move away from others with {spell 284106}
– Dodge lightning orbs from {spell 284262}
– Burst through {spell 287995} and then interrupt {spell 287887}
– {healer} Unavoidable heavy damage from {spell 287169}
– Drop {spell 284360} along the centre of ship
– Kill Tempting Siren add ASAP
– Move to opposite side of ship for Siren’s {spell 284405}
– Burst {spell 286558} and interrupt {spell 287887}

|corange— PHASE 2 —
Spread for {spell 288258} (5+ yards)
Run around and soak {spell 285075} patches if you get {spell 285350}
Slow & kill Storm add before it reaches boss
3 or so people to soak {spell 285017}
{tank} Taunt swap to drop Kelp-Wrapped debuff ON Storm add. (When debuff drops, applies damage taken increase to nearby players and mobs

{skull} Bosses teleport to other ship at 50% HP. Try to make sure this happens roughly the same time for both brother and sister ships.
Ship that doesn’t have a boss gets bombarded. Stack up and move as a group if this happens
{skull} When storm add dies, have someone (with great mobility prefereably) soak orb that spawns to prevent raid wide {spell 285420} damage. This person can then clear {spell 285075} patches

(H) Lady Jaina Proudmoore

(H) Lady Jaina Proudmoore


{boss 2343}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: Intermission 2 ===
|cblueFight Type:|r Primarily Single Target

|cpink— General —
Avoid getting {spell 285212} (20 stacks is bad)
Kill ice blocks to free {spell 287490} players
– Happens when falling below 80% HP @ 20 stacks
{tank} Swap around 10 stacks of {spell 285253}

|cpink— PHASE 1 —
Get out with {spell 287565} and clear {spell 287365} patches (Leave 1 patch though)
Move out of the way of {spell 285177} waves
Move 30 yards away from Jaina & stand in a {spell 287365} for {spell 285459}
Throw barrels overboard before they explode
Use Ballistas to repel the Kul Tiran Corsair attack
Don’t stand in the Corsairs {spell 285828} zones
{healer} Dispel players with {spell 287626} |cyellowASAP

|cpink— Intermission 1 (@60%) —
Find Jaina and interrupt {spell 289861}
Dodge {spell 288325} (low dmg + frozen) and {spell 288534}es (high dmg + knockback)

|cpink— PHASE 2 —
Destroy barrels by hitting them with {spell 288218} & use the {spell 288221} to remove stacks
Move away from raid if targeted by excess {spell 288218} & {spell 288380}s
Dodge {spell 288412} projectiles from {spell 287565}s on the tank
Quickly move out of the {spell 288345}
Move away from {spell 288475} & line of smaller comets

|cpink— Intermission 2 (@40%) —
{bl} |credLust|r and burn the |cyellowIce Wall
Dont stand in the {spell 288719} around Jaina
Kill Tide Ele & get away from raid with {spell 289220}
Get away from the ele @ full energy (casts {spell 289219})
Free Nathanos then dodge {spell 289985}

|cpink— PHASE 3 —
Stagger players getting Ice Blocked so the raid isn’t frozen all at once
Free {spell 287490} people before they are hit by {spell 288671}
|credBurn {spell 288747} |credASAP
Quickly move out of the {spell 288345}
Move away from {spell 288475} & line of smaller comets
{tank} Face Jaina away from raid for {spell 289940}

These racial transformations will follow the same pattern as Mercenary Mode in PvP.

ALLIANCE Human Night Elf Dwarf Draenei Gnome Worgen Pandaren
Druid Troll Troll
Death Knight Undead Troll Orc Tauren Goblin Troll
Demonhunter Blood Elf
Hunter Undead Troll Orc Tauren Troll Pandaren
Mage Undead Troll Orc Orc Goblin Troll Pandaren
Monk Undead Troll Orc Tauren Blood Elf Pandaren
Paladin Blood Elf Tauren Tauren
Priest Undead Troll Undead Tauren Goblin Troll Pandaren
Shaman Orc Tauren Pandaren
Rogue Undead Troll Orc Goblin Troll Pandaren
Warlock Undead Orc Goblin Troll
Warrior Undead Troll Orc Tauren Goblin Troll Pandaren
HORDE Orc Troll Undead Tauren Blood Elf Goblin Pandaren
Druid Night Elf Night Elf
Death Knight Dwarf Night Elf Human Draenei Human Gnome
Demonhunter Night Elf
Hunter Dwarf Night Elf Human Draenei Human Dwarf Pandaren
Mage Dwarf Night Elf Human Human Gnome Pandaren
Monk Dwarf Night Elf Human Draenei Human Pandaren
Paladin Draenei Human
Priest Night Elf Human Draenei Human Gnome Pandaren
Shaman Dwarf Draenei Draenei Dwarf Pandaren
Rogue Dwarf Night Elf Human Human Gnome Pandaren
Warlock Dwarf Human Human Human Gnome
Warrior Dwarf Night Elf Human Draenei Human Gnome Pandaren

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