Angry Assignments

Here’s a list of Angry Assignments we use for progression.

Feel free to use these as a template for your own teams!

Antorus, the Burning Throne

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Garothi Worldbreaker

Garothi Worldbreaker


{boss 1992}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: Phase 3 ===
|cblueFight Type:|r Single Target

{skull} Heroic Only: Dodge the fel lines during intermissions and phase 3
{tank} Tank swap on |corangeFel Bombardment|r, run to the back along edges with a speed buff
{tank} 1 Tank in melee range of boss at all times
|credDecimation:|r Move out of raid
|credAnnihalation:|r Soak! (2-3 people)
{healer} {spell 244761} soakers get a 10 second DoT
|credApocalypse Drive:
{healer} Lots of raid-wide damage

|corange— PHASE 1 —
Group soak spikes, dodge the big circles

|cyellow— Intermission (N: 60%, H/M: 65%) —
Kill left cannon, run to back when it’s dead.

|corange— PHASE 2 —
Stack on {square}, dodge to {x} and vice versa

|cyellow— Intermission (N: 20%, H/M: 35%) —
Kill the other weapon, run away when it’s dead.

|corange— PHASE 3 —
Kill it deaded

Felhounds of Sargeras

Felhounds of Sargeras


{boss 1987}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: Pull ===
|cblueFight Type:|r Single / 2 target multi-dot
{skull} = Heroic Only

{tank} Tank them 40 yards apart, no tank swaps +
face away from raid
{tank} Use big cooldowns at stack 5 & 6
{healer} Keep an eye out for overlapping abilities
{dps} Melee stack on shadow, ranged stack in middle

Boss abilities happen at |cyellow33|r%/|corange66|r%/|cred100|r%.
TL;DR: Spread for fire, stack for shadow. Stack abilities are priority!

|cyellowConsuming Sphere|r: Run away (speed boosts help a lot)
{skull}|corangeWeight Of Darkness|r: Stack up! (2+ people minimum)
|credSiphon Corruption|r: Stack up!

|cyellowDesolate Gaze|r: Move fire lines away from raid
{skull}|corangeMolten Touch|r: Move away from stunned people, dodge swirls
|credEnflame Corruption|r: Slight spread, run out with debuff!

|credAbility Overlaps:
1. “Siphon” (shadow dog 100) + “Molten” (fire dog 33):
Everyone stack and keep moving along the pre-assigned direction.
2. “Siphon” (shadow dog 100) + “Gaze” (fire dog 66):
Siphon will come right after Gaze, don’t run too far away from the group with gaze to get back in time for stack.
3. “Siphon”(shadow dog 100) + “Enflame” (fire dog 100):
Keep stacking, player with fire debuff RUN OUT IMMEDIATELY, if you have both fire and shadow debuff, either soak with BIG CD or immunity, or sac.
Group damage reduction and healing CD needed to survive.

Antoran High Command

Antoran High Command


{boss 1997}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: ===
|cblueFight Type:|r

{tank} Keep boss positioned away from mines
+ face away from raid
{tank} Swap when debuff (Exploit Weakness) expires
{healer} Make sure you have CD’s for Phase 3

|corange— PHASE 1 (Admiral Svirax) —
Mages/Hunters bait Demonic Charge by standing at max range
Everyone else, dodge the charge
Interupt Pyroblast
Dodge green Mines

|corange— PHASE 2 (Engineer Ishkar) —
Mages/Hunters bait Demonic Charge by standing at max range
Everyone else, dodge the charge
Interupt Pyroblast

|corange— PHASE 3 (General Erodus) —
1 person needs to click “Felshield Emitter” during “Fusillade”
Dodge green Mines

|corange— Pods —
2 DPS swap every ~45 seconds
Spam |cblue1|r at the boss and |cblue2|r on:
|cyellowPhase 1:|r |cblueAdds|r
|cyellowPhase 2:|r |cblueRaid|r
|cyellowPhase 3:|r |cblueMines|r
Make sure you leave it before you die

Portal Keeper Hasabel

Portal Keeper Hasabel


{boss 1985}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: ===
|cblueFight Type:|r Single with some adds

Group 1 on main platform at all times
{healer} Make sure you have big cooldowns for Phase 4!

{tank} Swap at ~3 stacks of {spell 244016}
{tank} Tank at very edge of the room
Move out of big shadow circle (Collapsing World)
Dodge big green lines (Felstorm Barrage)

|corange90% – Red Portal:
Tank swap before leaving
Everyone to the portal but Group 1 + Most healers
Interrupt {spell 244607}
Dodge fire circles
Interrupt {spell 255805}

|corange60% – Green Portal:
{healer} Use CD’s + everyone stack up!
Kill cocoons + stay out of green circles

|corange30% – Purple Portal:
Stack next to flames + avoid purple balls
{healer} Use the debuff “Declusions” before dispelling to regen mana if needed
{healer} Small CD’s for Corrupt

Eonar the Life-Binder

Eonar the Life-Binder


{boss 2025}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: ===
|cblueFight Type:|r Tower Defense!

|corangeLane Sequence:|r (Top / Middle / Bottom)
|credMid|r > |cblueBot|r > |credMid|r > |cgreenTop |r> |cblueBot|r > |credMid|r > |cgreenTop |r> |cblueBot|r > |credMid|r

First |cgreenTop|r = 1 {tank} + 1 {healer} head to top lane early

{tank} Keep Big Robots away and interrupt
{dps} Kill all the things before they reach Eonar

{tank} Tank |cyellowPurifiers|r away from other adds +
faced away from raid
{dps} |cyellowDestructor|r adds need to die ASAP
{dps} Ranged focus on |cyellowFlying Bats|r
CC adds as much as possible
Run away with |cyellowRain of Fel
Avoid the beam |cyellowSpear of Doom|r and kite away from raid

Imonar the Soulhunter

Imonar the Soulhunter


{boss 2009}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: Phase 3 ===
|cblueFight Type:|r Single Target

|corange— PHASE 1 —
Isolate sleeping players then dispell
{tank} Swap at 4-5 stacks (Shock Lance)
(P3 debuff doesn’t expire)
Ranged stay spread
Avoid green circles

|corange— Intermission (66%) —
Run to boss, dodge the bads, interrupt!
Immune “Pulse Grenades” to clear a path

|corange— PHASE 2 —
Don’t get hit by lazors! (Charged Blast)
Avoid red circles (Shrapnel Blast)
{tank} Swap at 3 stacks of Sever

|corange— Intermission (33%) —
Run to boss, dodge the bads, interrupt!

|corange— PHASE 3 —
Spread out at least 5 yards, dodge swirly green circles
{tank} Save CD’s for Empowered Shock Lance
Make the boss dead!




{boss 2004}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: Phase 2 ===
|cblueFight Type:|r

|corange— PHASE 1 —
{tank} Use CD for {spell 244312} then tank swap
Or swap every 2 stacks when debuff falls off
Dodge orange crystals + don’t go near them
Dodge fel beam (Ruiner)
Spread 5 yards for Reverberating Strike + avoid detonator
Dodge Diabolic bombs (1 on N, 3 on H)

|corange— PHASE 2 (100 Energy) —
{healer} Use CD’s for “Flames of the Forge”
{DPS} Pop CD’s for robots while they have 30 stacks
Raid split in half to kill each robot
Dodge green circles

|cyellowRobot Types:|r
|cgreenGreen|r: Solo soak circles
|credRed|r: Spread out, run away when targeted
|cpurplePurple|r: 2 soakers per purple circle
Don’t stack the circles though!

3 Robots active instead of 2




{boss 1983}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: 4-5 minute mark? ===
|cblueFight Type:|r Patchwerk

{tank} Tank swap every {spell 243960} (100 Energy)
{tank} Offtank stay within 8 yards of offtank but not in front of boss

{healer} Shadow damage stops people from being healed for 7 seconds
|cyellowEvery 2 minutes:
{healer} |cyellowPull|r: Ticking dmg {spell 243968}
{healer} |cyellow2:|r Ticking dmg + slow {spell 243977}
{healer} |cyellow4:|r Ticking dmg ramps up {spell 243980}
Spam everything here till oom
{healer} |cyellow6:|r Nobody can be healed {spell 243973}

{dps} Melee stay stacked together
{dps} Ranged stack together
Move out of {spell 243999} swirlys ASAP, move as a group

Only time you shouldn’t be stacked is with {icon 244093} {spell 244093}
Run out 10+ yards with {icon 244093} {spell 244093} and use a personal

|corangeAt 95 energy:
Inactive tank move behind boss, taunt after slash then move back to front

Coven of Shivarra

Coven of Shivarra


{boss 1986}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: ===
|cblueFight Type:|r 2 Target Council / Some Adds

|corange{tank} Keep them at LEAST 18 yards apart|r

|corange— Noura —
{tank} Taunt when {spell 244899} debuff falls off
|cyellow{tank} Always face away from raid
Dodge sword tornado {icon 245627}{spell 245627}
Spread out for {icon 253429} {spell 253538}

|corange— Asara —
Move to light boxes during {icon 252861} {spell 252861}
{tank} Be sure to take bosses to seperate boxes
Dodge the 3 purple blades {icon 245281} {spell 245281}

|corange— Diima —
{tank} Use CD for big frost attack
{healer} Heal absorb shields {icon 245586} {spell 245586}
Try to avoid the {icon 253650} {spell 253650} (Big blue swirly)

|corangeSpecial Titan Abilities:
|cblueAman’Thul:|r {dps} Focus burst adds 1 at a time
|cblueGolganneth:|r {tank}{healer}{dps} Everyone spread out (2 yards)
|cblueKhaz’goroth:|r {healer} Fire AOE
Don’t stand in the middle of the room
|cblueNorgannon:|r CC Adds for 30 seconds then kill




{boss 1984}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: Phase 3 (After 2nd Int) ===
|cblueFight Type:|r

{tank} Stack & swap when debuff expires / ~8 stacks
{tank} Keep Flame add 15 yards away from other adds
{dps}+{healer} Spread out, stack behind boss at 100 energy
Run out of big fire circle (Searing Tempest)
Dodge fire waves (Wake of Flame)

|corange— 100 Energy —
Order: Solo > Raid > Solo > Raid > Run out
Raid stack behind boss
{tank} Use a CD to solo soak the first hit (Foebreaker)
{tank} 2nd tank taunt and face boss at raid (Flame Rend)

|corange— Intermission (80%/40%) —
Keep Embers away from boss (All CC works on these)
Kill Flame add to end intermission phase
{skull} Let at least 2 little adds explode before killing the 2nd big add

Little adds can’t be killed: Let 1 hit the boss every ~15 seconds
CC them so only 1 reach the boss at a time

Argus the Unmaker

Argus the Unmaker


{boss 2031}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: Phase 3 or 4 ===
|cblueFight Type:|r Mixed

|corange— PHASE 1 —
{tank} Swap when debuff expires / right after a scythe & don’t stack
{tank} Rotate boss after each cone

Water Buff: Haste/Vers
Lightning Buff: Mastery/Crit

|corange— PHASE 2 (70%) —
Bomb players move to markers, tank with buff soak big bomb
(Or call out if you can immune the big one)
Dodge the lines on the ground

|corange— PHASE 3 (40%) —
{tank} Take add with 1 big sword to center
{tank} Stack add with 2 weapons on casters for cleave
|credInterupt Cosmic Beacon!|r, ignore Starblast
{skull} Once interupted, adds become immune to interupts for 20s
Stay still for Cosmic Ray, everyone dodge beam
Try to DPS the add that has the debuff of your type of dmg

|corange— PHASE 4 (Once adds die) —
Release and run straight to tree, dodge adds
|credEnd of All Things|r, Interrupt that shit!
{tank} Don’t bother tank swapping, just survive as long as possible
{healer} Heal the tree to keep the free revives up longer
When you die collect orbs before running to tree
Kill orbs ASAP
Bomb players move out, tanks don’t stack with big bomb for this phase

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