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Angry Assignments

Here’s a collection of Angry Assignments we use for progression.

Feel free to use these as a template for your own teams!

Example to the right shows how our angry assignments look if you were copy/paste as is!

Looking for guides? Check here instead!

Preview of what it looks like

BFA: Uldir

Coming real soon! Should definitely be up before the end of the month!
30/08/18 Update: Added most of the core mechanics to most fights.
Still kinda basic for now but should be enough to work with till we run through Uldir ourselves.

Don’t forget to change group assignments and such to match your own raid team!
If you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Taloc the Corrupted

Taloc the Corrupted


{boss 2168}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: Phase 3 ===
|cblueFight Type:|r

{tank} Move boss clockwise around the room as pools pop up
{tank} Taunt at around 90 energy, other tank go clear the furthest pool

|corange— PHASE 1 —
Stack behind boss
Drop blood at back of room ({X})
– Use immunities if possible to remove rather than drop blood
Front of room ({square}) for Cudgel

|corange— PHASE 2 (For 90s) —
Boss is immune
Don’t fall off the platform (or roll off.. *cough* beefy *cough*)
Focus Blood adds
Don’t let Droplets reach you
{Tank} walk over Droplets without knocking others off the platform

|corange— PHASE 3 —
Kill any remaining adds
(Phase 2 exploding adds also remain through P3)
As phase 1, Bloodlust and burn!




{boss 2167}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: In 3rd room after adds die ===
|cblueFight Type:|r Single Target (Some adds for cleave)

|corange— GENERAL —
{tank} No tank swap, Dodge slams.
{tank} One tank focus on picking up adds
{healer} Clinging Corruption: Lot’s of raidwide damage

Group Assignments for room switching:
1: 1* {tank} + 2* {DPS} (with good stuns/low CD int)
2: 1* {Healer} + 2* {DPS} (Group 1)
3: 3* {DPS} (Group 2)
4: 1* {Healer} + 2* {DPS} (Group 3)
5: 3* {DPS} (Group 4)
6: Anyone else left behind

Wind Tunnel: Don’t get pushed in front of boss or into lava
Don’t stand in fire. Just avoid in bad in general.
Cleansing Purge: Leave the room before you get fried
Remnant of Corruption add: Interupt/CC

|corange— ROOM 2 —
Dodge lasers, find the safe spot.

|corange— ROOM 3 —
Dodge more bad, kill the boss

Fetid Devourer

Fetid Devourer


{boss 2146}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: ~50% (Enrage) ===
|cblueFight Type:|r Single Target
{skull} = Heroic Only

{tank} Stack!
{tank} CD for every 4th Thrashing Terror
{Tank} After enrage, CD every Thrashing Terror hit
Avoid Rotting Regurgitation at 100 Energy

Raid Split:
Group 1 +2 = Left
Group 3 + 4 = Right

{DPS} Nuke the adds from Corruption Corpsucle
MDPS on the close one, RDPS on the far

{skull} Use the pillars to reduce knockback

Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth

Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth


{boss 2169}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: ~40% ===
|cblueFight Type:|r Plenty of add cleave/focusing
{skull} = Heroic Only

{tank} Taunt after Shatter
{tank} Dodge attack at 100 energy

|corange— PHASE 1 (90%) —
Stack up to kill adds then spread out

|corange— PHASE 2 (70%) —
{tank} Take boss to center
{dps} Kill adds, interupt all the things, stuns/silences and stuff
Place debuffs at edge of room or at least as far away as possible
Avoid the clouds

|corange— PHASE 3 (40%) —
Soak swirlies (orb of corruption), use CD’s once you’ve soaked!
KILL ISEN! I mean uhhhh, kill the evil MC’ed players (50% on normal to break)
{skull} MC lasts until killed




{boss 2166}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: ===
|cblueFight Type:|r

|corange— PHASE 1 —
{DPS}+{Healer} Split in to 2 or 3 groups
Keep stacked with your group on the markers behind the boss

{Tank} Swap at 2 or 3 stacks of Evolving Affliction
{Tank} Pick up Plague Amalgam when it spawns
{Healer} Heal absorb with amalgam add, spam stuff
{DPS} Kill add amalgam ASAP

If your stacks get high, move away from your group
{Tank} can help with soaks

Move away from players stunned by Gestate (5 yard AE dmg)

|corange— PHASE 2 —
Dodge pools
Acoid waves from Blood Geyser (indicator shows direction)
Soak pools for Plague Bomb (prefer immunities) or amalgam spawns

Zul, Reborn

Zul, Reborn


{boss 2195}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: ===
|cblueFight Type:|r
{skull} = Heroic Only

|corange— PHASE 1 —
{dps} Add Prio: Bloods > Hexer > Crusher > Crawgs
Adds can be hard CC’ed
{Tank} All adds except Hexer can be stacked on Zul providing it’s not near 100 energy.
{Tank} Keep crusher faced away from raid
{Tank} Tank hexer away from boss

Move to edge with Dark Revelation to reduce raid damage

{skull} Soak pools (Pool of Darkness)

Make sure boss is in center of room before phase 2 starts

|corange— PHASE 2 (40%) —
{Tank} Swap for Rupturing Blood, drop pools towards edges

Mythrax the Unraveler

Mythrax the Unraveler


{boss 2194}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: End of the 25% P2 ===
|cblueFight Type:|r Single Target

{tank} Swap on debuff
Collect orbs to clear stacks regain max HP %
1 fragment = 2 stacks removed

|corange— PHASE 1 —
Avoid frontal cleave (lots of stacks of bad)
Spread for Oblivion Sphere

Imminent Ruin: Move away 45 yards (Think Argus bombs from Antorus)

|corange— PHASE 2 (@75/50/25%)—
{tank} Tank big adds apart (Think Aggramar from Antorus)
Pop CD’s to burn adds and interupt them




{boss 2147}
|cred=== {bl} Lust: Phase 3 ===
|cblueFight Type:|r Adds in P1, P2+3 mostly ST

|corange— PHASE 1 —
Dodge orbs
Interupt Torment
Dark Bargain: Nuke this ASAP within 1 cast
Explosive Corruption: Spread!

{skull} Interupt Decaying Eruption ASAP

Upper Platform:
Take turns holding the core (5 min debuff once you’ve had it)
{healer} Lots of heals for Reorgination Blast

|corange— PHASE 2 —
{tank} Reset Corruption by tank swapping
Spread before Wave of Corruption

|corange— PHASE 3 (25%) —
Turn your back to the boss for Gaze of G’huun (fear)
{skull} Dodge Malignant Growth

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