[VS] Themes

This section is dedicated to theming various apps

Teamspeak 3


Emby Server

World Of Warcraft Addons

This section is dedicated to various addons for World of Warcraft


NAS4Free Scripts

The scripts in this section are made to run on NAS4Free and should run without many/any dramas on other FreeBSD based systems.

NextCloud in a Jail Installer Script

*Please read the instructions here.

OwnCloud in a Jail Installer Script

Using a jail for OwnCloud helps prevent unwanted problems when you upgrade NAS4Free as upgrading N4F generally breaks OwnCloud.
Installing packages such as OwnCloud is better off in a jail as it also reduces the risk of breaking your NAS4Free system and if something goes severely wrong with a package in a jail, just delete the jail and try again with a fresh one rather than reinstalling the entire N4F system.

This script aims to guide you through the process of installing OwnCloud in a jail with relative ease.

*Please read the instructions here.

BSD AIO Install/Update Script