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BFA – BoD Angry Assignments Update

I'm currently working on the angry assignment templates for Battle of Dazar'alor. Aiming to have them up on the website by around the 19th of Jan :) So far the first 2 bosses have been done, may be tweaked before the raid drops but for now they have reasonably good descriptions. Feel free to contact me [...]

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Recruiting Raiders

We are looking for a couple reliable DPS for our core raid team. No exp required as we are not looking for hardcore progression, just having fun while raiding! More information is on the forums or you can contact me in game (Nozza-Caelestrasz).

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Raid Team for Legion

Once again, i'll be setting up a raid team where players will be able to raid in a stress-free environment without hardcore expectations. For anyone that is interested in raiding within the next expansion (Legion), make a post over on the forums here. Like the current team for WoD raids, it will not be [...]

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Let the raiding begin!

Beefy and Evo have hit 100! I'm giving everyone until next week to get themselves prepared/more gear if need be. We shall be charging in to Highmaul on Friday the 25th @ 8:15PM Server Time. There are guides to each fight on both the forums here and on the website here. You [...]

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Casual Raid Team

We almost have enough interest to start the casual raid team :) Just need tanks, couple healers and a couple dps and we can start pewpew-ing I'd also like for us to go and get the guild raid achievements from previous expansions that we missed so if anyone is keen for that let us [...]

By |2017-07-01T23:39:28+10:00September 9th, 2015|Uncategorized|Comments Off on Casual Raid Team
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