Once again, i’ll be setting up a raid team where players will be able to raid in a stress-free environment without hardcore expectations.

For anyone that is interested in raiding within the next expansion (Legion), make a post over on the forums here.

Like the current team for WoD raids, it will not be a hardcore progression team. More of a way for players to experience current content and not feel pressured to perform as good as the top 1% of players in WoW.


Although Legion does not have an official set release date yet, members of the current WoD raid team that remain active in game up until the release of Legion will get higher priority for the Legion team.

This does not mean that you will be rejected as part of the team if you aren’t a current raider, we’re always looking for fresh team members, experienced or not.

Just know how to listen and most of all, understand that we are doing this for FUN.


Just apply by replying to the forum post so I can keep track of who is interested.

Raid times will most likely remain the same but that is open for change (Unlikely though).

If you can’t make the current raid times, it may be best you don’t apply. But still let us know the times of your availability and if the current set times change you’ll be the first to be considered.


Also please be aware, due to real life commitments, some of the team won’t be able to reach level cap immediately after launch therefore our starting raid date will depend on that.