About Us

Vengeful Syndicate

History & About Us:

Vengeful Syndicate has been around for quite some time now. We have not however always been named Vengeful Syndicate. When we first started out we called ourselves “Avengers”. The first real presence we made was in World Of Warcraft. We started the Avengers guild back in 2008 and continued using this name for some time, took it over to a few other games and whatnot. It was early 2014 that we decided we should shed our name and decide on a new one.Thus, from the ashes of Avengers, Vengeful Syndicate was born!

The main aim of Vengeful Syndicate was to provide a somewhat of an “online home away from home” and we have done a fairly good job with this.
We have a couple of very dedicated members that have been with us throughout the years, putting up with our constant bad jokes and terrible sense of humor 😛
People come, people go, but all in all, everyone enjoys themselves in the time they spend with us.
We love to provide help to others wherever we can, even if it isn’t in-game related!

Where our name appears:

  • Blizzard Games (World Of Warcraft, Diablo 3)
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Tera
  • Destiny
  • Youtube
  • Many, MANY More


Communicate With Us:

NozzaFounder / GM

Server is no longer used really, join us on Discord instead!