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Currently Recruiting!

We're after a reliable core tank to join us in our shenanigans! More info can be found here!

Recruiting Raiders

We are looking for a couple reliable DPS for our core raid team. No exp required as we are not looking for hardcore progression, [...]

Raid Team for Legion

Once again, i'll be setting up a raid team where players will be able to raid in a stress-free environment without hardcore expectations. For [...]

Let the raiding begin!

Beefy and Evo have hit 100! I'm giving everyone until next week to get themselves prepared/more gear if need be. We shall be [...]

Casual Raid Team

We almost have enough interest to start the casual raid team 🙂 Just need tanks, couple healers and a couple dps and we can [...]

Proper URL

Finally got the URL fixed up. Website can now be accessed using vengefulsyndicate.com and the forums are over at forums.vengefulsyndicate.com (or use the link in the [...]


Feeling Generous? If you’d like to help keep our services online, feel free to donate!

Current running costs (AUS$) are $30/month for the website/forums and $15/month for AskMrRobot guild subscription.

All donations helps everything running such as the websites/Emby/Our Discord bots/AMR and more!

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